The Feminine Leadership Accelerator

with Liya Garber

Begins Monday, February 13th, 2023

9:30am-11am PST

A 12-week soul purpose and prosperity initiation for rising women leaders and revolutionaries who are ready to build nervous system resilience, heal their lineages and transform their money stories as they reclaim their divine feminine superpowers and birth their heart-centered legacies.*

*open to all women + nonbinary folks.

Is this the year you finally take a stand for your life and legacy?

Hey Sister, I see you...

Hi, I’m Liya.

I see your power. I see your courage. I see you longing for MORE. Because like you, I was once unsure of myself and how to bridge my authentic soul mission with a heart-led life of freedom and prosperity. And like you, there came a point where I knew it was now or never…

I could either continue to stay trapped in the limitations of my mind and live someone else’s dreams, or I could break free, accelerate my healing, and embody the life I was meant to live

I am on a mission to support women to rise up, heal self-limiting stories, and claim our thrones of prosperity as we confidently share our soul medicine and leave big, bold legacies of love and liberation. 

Through divine rituals, nervous system resilience, ancestral healing and Kundalini Yoga, I am here to empower you to create massive impact and lasting change for the next generations and all the world while living the life of your dreams.

And it all starts with one question...

Are you ready to become the prosperous,

feminine-led leader of your life’s mission?

Beautiful, it's time

for you to...

  • become the conscious feminine expression you were designed to be in this lifetime.

  • redefine your connection to money and prosperity

  • build and fortify your inner temple so that you can bring this healing energy to your life and the world.

  • cultivate nervous system resilience and expand your capacity to become a vibrational match for your dreams.

  • connect with a global sisterhood in a grounded container to support your mission.

  • learn how to build a successful foundation for your heart-centered, feminine business during this Awakening.

  • stop blocking yourself with old stories and learn to become an open channel for your own sacred creativity.

  • learn how to step into your confidence and embody the frequency codes of a liberated heart-centered woman.

"After joining Liya’s Womxn’s Accelerator I am in the healthiest place I have ever been. I have found self-love, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance. I am eternally grateful to Liya for accelerating my emergence into beautiful, blissful alignment with myself and the Universe." -Elizabeth

This program is for you if you are...

Interested in up-leveling your entire life - business, relationships, inner alignment, and overall wellbeing.
Ready to move from "good enough" into a state of “I am the best in what I do” and overflowing abundance and self-worth.
Ready to allow your creative womb space to birth your sacred business and cultivate epic conscious prosperity with your own will.
Ready to receive and learn powerful magic tools that will shift the direction of your life for the highest good.
Ready to clarify and revolutionize your relationship with money as a form of sacred energy.
Ready to feel worthy to hold your own creation with inner strength and clarity.
Desire to magnetize your divine clients that align with your service, medicine, and feminine wisdom in a creative and fun way.
Ready to unleash your authentic voice through effective social media, newsletters, and digital marketing.
Desire to start your day living your purpose and cultivating prosperity with clear intentions and divine alignment.
Ready to prioritize your personal growth, healing and prosperity once and for all.

We have hundreds of women who have already been through this program and are now thriving!

The tools I am going to teach you in this program are what I used to...

  • Get out of an unhealthy relationship

  • Reclaim my sovereignty and financial prosperity, money and success

  • 3x my income through a completely soul aligned course

  • Create Aura Kundalini Yoga an international online yoga studio and mystery school

  • Channel an extremely successful KY Teacher Training

  • Embody conscious motherhood and move through ancestral healing 

  • Successfully navigate being a single mother, immigrant, and CEO

  • Cultivate healthy, loving, non-competitive relationships with women

  • Lead sold out international retreats for 6+ years

  • Heal my autoimmune disease and cultivate self-love

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Liya, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, women’s empowerment coach, and mother. I have supported women to rise into their power, purpose and prosperity for the last 20+ years.

Before I founded Aura in 2019, I…

Immigrated to the US at 19 years old to start my life over, traveled the world as a spiritual seeker & nomad, practiced conscious pregnancy, birthed a beautiful child at home, and deepened in awakened parenting.

Why I created this program...

In a former part of my life I worked in NYC for a high-end soap brand, doing the work of 5 people and generating abundant revenue for the company. 

I gave everything I had to them, working long hours and pouring all of myself into my job. And, in the end, when the company sold for a few million dollars, I was left with nothing.

After this experience I decided that the next chapter of my life would be one where I worked for myself and created my own business.

And, when I became a mother – and later, a single mother – it became even more clear that the only way forward was to pour all my love into my own soul mission and legacy.

I wanted to create something that had meaning beyond selling just another product to be consumed, but could be something deeply authentic that CHANGED LIVES…

And isn't that what we all want? To change lives for the better while living abundantly?



I am here to use Kundalini Shakti energy to support as many women on the planet to reprogram their past belief systems and heal their lineage patterns so they can set themselves FREE – free to grow, expand and create their lives from their powerful, unique goddess essences.

I am here to empower women to live a healthy balance of the spiritual and material worlds, manifesting with the Infinite as they upgrade their love lives, relationships, career, health and truly whatever they want!

And I am here to empower women just like you to create massive impact and lasting change for the next generations and all the world while living the life of your dreams.

Because you are powerful and your soul purpose is longing to become your legacy.

After teaching Kundalini Yoga for several years all over the world and guiding hundreds of women through transformational journeys of purpose and leadership, including versions of the Accelerator program, I have synthesized all of that experience and wisdom – as well as the jewels from my own healing journey – into a power-packed 12 weeks unlike anything else out there.

In This Magical 3 Month Accelerator, you will:

Find your most authentic voice to express your divine mission 

Become a conscious feminine grounded business owner and learn how to nourish your cup

Cultivate a purposeful and healthy lifestyle to be able to walk your talk and become a vessel of divine information 

Learn how to express on social media in a way that is effective, classy, and attractive  

Build up a healthy, grounded regulated nervous system

Use Kundalini energy to work in your favor and trust your voice and intuition 

Activate your creativity & prosperity for long lasting life results 

Clear and learn from your past to create your aligned future & use your life force energy to design your new reality

“This program through Liya's own bright energy and trained techniques is a beautiful experience. The course has helped me get clear on changing directions in my career, prosperity, and mindset - all three of which I wanted to work on during this course.  This program provides tools you can use daily for the rest of your life that can help ground and center you. 

- Katie

The Inner Temple is Everything We Have


This program is a unique alchemical experience that is tailored to the group's energy. This life accelerator is a weekly LIVE, interactive, recorded program.

I can't wait to create this magic with you!

Program Details

February 13th - May 1st

Every Monday

9:30am PST - 11am PST

Guest Teachers

Anabel Vizcarra, Embodiment Mentor & Womb Shaman

Yael Terramel Weisbach, Debra Silverman
Certified Astrologer

Ivy Lee, MSTCM, LAc, Acupuncturist, Herbalist & Energy Healer

Diana Egizi,

Vocal Embodiment & Creative Coach

Are you ready to...

rise as the leader you know you are,

confidently step forward with your gifts,

& build the life of your dreams?

At the end of these 12 powerful weeks, you will…

  • Expand your nervous system resilience for health & wealth
  • Have an abundance of rituals, kriyas, meditations & other tools to continue your growth
  • Build a stronger connection to your ancestors and a healing relationship with your lineage
  • Be connected with a global sisterhood of rising feminine leaders
  • Become a grounded, vibrational match for your dreams
  • Take actions in life & business guided by your intuitive feminine gifts & womb wisdom


Total Cost $999

Payment Options Available

1 Time Payment


2 Months


3 Months



1 Month of


Kundalini Yoga Classes

Choose from 11 weekly live Kundalini Yoga classes and recordings to increase

your creativity and prosperity.

30 Minute

Heart-centered Business Consultation w/ Liya

Get clear and motivated on your business ideas and visions, get any and all questions answered, and leave feeling empowered and ready to take next steps towards your dreams.

WhatsApp Global Sisterhood

Support Group

Daily support to stay on track with your progress, connect with other women, and receive feedback on your ideas and creations.

I'll See You There!

February 13th - May 1st

Every Monday

9:30am PST - 11am PST



How is this different from your workshops and previous accelerator?

This program is unlike any workshop or previous program - the topics, speakers and offerings are completely different to the previous accelerator and other workshops. This 12-week transformational program will support your nervous system’s capacity to hold success, and will combine this with money, womb, and ancestral healing work. 

What will each session include? 

Each 90-minute call will include a mix of lecturing by Liya, Kundalini Yoga and meditation, ritual practices, journaling, and group sharing. The guest speakers will include a similar mix, with their own style.

What if I can’t make a call or only come for part of a class? 

No problem, recordings will be available, but we encourage everyone to try to make as many calls as possible in order to connect to each other and share with others.

Will any of the sessions be Kundalini Yoga classes? 

Liya will include Kundalini Yoga within some of the sessions, but for a full yoga class you can join an Aura Kundalini Yoga class, schedule is here

When will the accelerator take place?

Zoom, Mondays from 9:30am PST - 11am PST, Feb 13th - May 1st